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Paneer Special

With Cottage cheese pieces cooked in a medium thick sauce with to


Tabaq Patila

Cooked in a thick spicy sauce with onions, fresh mint, green chil


Delight Special

Minced meat delicately blended, cooked with fairly hot spices, an


Green Curry

A strong mix of green herbs and spices, ginger, garlic, onions co


Daiwala Special

Served on a flaming sizzler, complimented with a side of creamy c


Chicken Shakuti

A fairly hot dish, tandoori baked chicken or lamb simmered with c

£9.95 £8.95

Sali Special

Presented in a thick spicy sauce, blended with freshly cooked tom



A hot and spicy dish, with lemon juice and chillies


Goan Curry

A fairly hot dish with thick sauce, coconut and a blend of severa


Goa-Lamb Vindaloo

Marinated lamb cooked with hot chillies, paprika, tomato puree, f



cooked in medium sauces with green peppers, Mushroom & egg on

£11.95 £10.95

Chicken Muli

Cooked in a thick spicy sauce, topped with creamy tomatoes &

£9.95 £8.95


Cooked in a medium spiced sauce garnished with fried onion, garli


Duck Orange

Spice marinated duck cooked in orange sauce


Bengal Chicken

Traditional Bengal style curry cooked with boiled egg in a medium


Bombay Special

Cooked with spicy potatoes , onions, tomatoes, green chillies , h



Cooked in a highly flavoured hot thick sauce with hot sylhety nag



Cooked in an exotic tangy thick sauce with hot and spicy mixed ac



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